WHF-PA Membership Networking Success Story

Members Sue McPhedran and Leigh Jones from Sherick Project Management and Rada Lisitsa, Jennifer Crampton, and Crystal Trinh from Wells Fargo Community Lending and Investment recently closed two 4% LIHTC/volume cap bond transactions.  The developer, Federation Housing, Inc. raised over $62 million to preserve 449 affordable apartments for seniors in three buildings in Northeast Philadelphia.  Sherick Project Management was the consultant for the developer.  Wells Fargo was the equity investor and participated in the construction loan with CitiBank.  This is a great example of how relationships formed through WHF-PA led to the best possible results for members and their clients.


Federation goldstein photo

2 Comments on “WHF-PA Membership Networking Success Story

  1. This is totally awesome. Thank you for highlighting Wells Fargo and our friends at Sherick! I want to be engaged but we do mostly grants and some PRI’s/investments in physical development projects.
    So I am only a bit in “housing and finance”, but would love to stay connected. Thanks.

    Kimberly Allen

    Senior Program Officer
    Wells Fargo Regional Foundation/CDC

    Wells Fargo Government and Community Relations Group
    123 S. Broad Street, 17th Floor, MAC Y1379-175, Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Tel 215-670-4307


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    • Thank you for visiting Kimberly! Please sign-up for our emails!

      Karyntha, WHF-PA Communications Committee


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