Coming Soon: The 2016 QAP

Today is September 1, and the Final 2016 PHFA QAP will be coming soon.

The entire Pennsylvania Affordable Housing Community is holding its breath.

What can we expect?

At this point, nothing is set in stone, but the good news is that PHFA is considering changes that will reflect the feedback given in an August focus group.

When I look into my crystal ball, I see:

  • Points for Development Team Members/Vendors who are Women-Owned and/or Minority-Owned Business Enterprises
  • Points for Developers with zoning permits in hand rather than a letter stating that a zoning approval is forthcoming
  • Detailed scoring criteria for the Community Impact section
  • More Passive House Points

What do you predict?

Karyntha Cadogan is an affordable housing consultant at Diamond and Associates. Any questions? Ask Karyntha.

Women in Housing and Finance of Pennsylvania (WHF-PA) is a membership organization, which strives to be a networking resource for women in the housing and financial services industry with a specific focus in community development throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Check out our Upcoming Events and register TODAY!

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