Back to School … We Mean Work

September 23 marked the first day of Autumn and thus yet another summer drifts away. While you normally see the women of WHF-PA being the smart engaging change agents for affordable housing that they are, read on to learn a little more about our Steering Committee’s Summer of Fun. Join WHF-PA today! 

Rada LisitsaThis summer we attended SEVEN weddings.  Love was in the air!  But time for a vacation was not.  We will finally take our summer vacation at the end of September.  We are going to Thailand – besides dreading the long flight, we are super excited!  – Rada Lisitsa

Christine Paul

Chris Paul – Cycling Big Sky

This summer, work never slowed down, with AHP applications and other RFPs due. But I still managed to get a good amount of fun in, after the first few weeks when the weather wasn’t so hot and I wasn’t doing enough. I did some traveling, picnicked in the park at an outdoor concert, got some quality beach time, and took up SUP- stand up paddle boarding. Wish me luck!! – Chris Paul

Laura NorthupWeddings!  Started my summer in May with my daughter’s Pittsburgh wedding and ended the summer attending a wedding in Nags Head, NC over Labor Day. In between it was all about travel mainly the east coast including Boston (to see another daughter), NYC, Ocean City MD and lots of places in between. – Laura Northup

Jaque CampI’ve been very busy with project work interspersed with some great family time.  Professionally, I continue to be challenged and inspired by the push for greater sustainability in our buildings.  I’m now trained and certified as a Passive House Designer, and working on several projects that are allowing me to employ those skills.  Personally, my husband and I are exploring the new (to us) world of grandparenting with our first granddaughter, now 5 months old.  Another daughter got married in May, and in August we all had a nice break from our whirlwind summer with a family trip to the wilds of western Maine. – Jaque Camp

Penny IndictorHere it is, getting into late September, and I’m reflecting on how another summer seems to have flown by.  On the work front it was fulfilling to have several projects reach (or at least move significantly closer to reaching) closing, including an affordable rental housing complex in upstate New York with a focus on mental health services, a mixed use project in Pittsburgh involving the rehabilitation of a historic brewery building for residential units and artist lofts, and a historic hotel in New York City.  On the personal front I was lucky enough to enjoy the beaches of Turks & Caicos and the shores of New Jersey as well as the mountains, fun neighborhoods and fresh seafood of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington – plus lots of fun concerts and other outdoor events!  Looking forward to a busy fall.  – Penny Indictor

Karyntha CadoganAn AHP application to Federal Home Loan Bank of NY started my summer excitement, and a baby welcoming celebration for a dear friend marked the end. In between, more AHP applications (this time to Pittsburgh), oversight of a development under construction, and a trip to Allegheny and Fayette Counties (where I found Area 31 Golf Carts) were the professional highlights of the summer. My most ambitious project management task was to plan a bridal shower and bachelorette weekend; write my maid of honor toast; and coordinate a team of bridesmaids’ hair and make-up for my best friend’s wedding. What a wonderful summer! Bring on LIHTC application season!! – Karyntha Cadogan

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