What is (and isn’t) Asset Management?

Women in Housing & Finance PA

What is (and isn’t) Asset Management?

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Host: Cindy Picone
Meeting Description:
Join WHF-PA member and volunteer Elaine Magil, Assistant Director at TCAM as she explains the ins and outs of Asset Management and how it differs from day to day Property Management. You’ll learn why Asset Management is important, how different it looks for various stakeholders (owners vs. lenders vs. investors vs. regulators), and ways your organization might be able to improve in this important area of Affordable Housing.
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Date: Fri, March 15, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour

Elaine Magil

Elaine headshot

Elaine Magil has 12 years of experience in community development and affordable housing finance. Ms. Magil joined TCAM in May 2015, and is responsible for consulting and transaction services for state and local housing agencies, housing authorities, investors, and developers.  Prior to joining TCAM, she was a Senior Associate at a national LIHTC syndicator, where she did financial modeling and worked on property acquisition efforts in 14 states.  She has worked in program management and direct client service at community development not-for-profit agencies and served as a consultant to CDCs, advising on fund development, the efficacy of housing supportive services, and public messaging in areas of rapidly-rising incomes.  She began her career as a multi-lingual housing counselor in Seattle, providing homebuyer education in Mandarin, Spanish, and English, and originating loans for first-time homebuyers.  Ms. Magil has an MBA from Boston University and a BS from Georgetown University.

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