We want to hear from YOU!

affordable housing image

We would like to discover and celebrate your successes in Pennsylvania neighborhoods to provide housing and build communities.

October is NAHRO’s Housing America Month, a time when NAHRO and its members work to collectively raise awareness of the vital need for safe, decent, and affordable housing in sustainable communities. Throughout the month, NAHRO invites its members to discover and celebrate the successes of the housing providers and community builders in members’ neighborhoods, and to speak up about the importance of ensuring that everyone has a home.

WHF-PA would like to help with that mission.  We’d like to spread the word about the good work you’re doing as well as any statistics you may have on housing and community development needs in your area.  To help please, please complete the Google form at the following link:


Thank you in advance for sharing with us – including all of those photos from groundbreakings, grand openings, etc.

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