FHLBank Pittsburgh – Request for Proposals – Housing Needs Assessment

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (“FHLBank”) seeks a qualified consultant to complete a Housing Needs Assessment (“HNA”) throughout FHLBank’s  three-state district of Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to plan for the allocation of funds through its Affordable Housing Program, (“AHP“) which supports households at 80 percent or less of Area Median Income. The results of the HNA will assist FHLBank’s Board of Directors, Affordable Housing Advisory Council, and FHLBank management in determining the AHP subsidy allocation strategy and potential scoring priorities to be included in FHLBank’s Targeted Community Lending Plan and AHP Implementation Plan.

Please review the Request for Proposals on the FHLBank website: www.fhlb-pgh.com/ahp. Proposals must be submitted and received by FHLBank by 4 PM EST on March 27, 2020 to Community Investment Department, FHLBank Pittsburgh.

Consultants may request clarifications to this RFP via e-mail to Alyssa MacLean at Alyssa.MacLean@fhlb-pgh.com or by telephone at 412-288-2860 any time up to 4 PM EST on March 11, 2020. All requests for clarifications and their responses will be posted by March 18, 2020 to the FHLBank’s website www.fhlb-pgh.com/ahp.


About FHLBank Pittsburgh

As an intermediary between global capital markets and local lenders, the Bank provides readily available liquidity, as well as affordable housing and community development opportunities, to member financial institutions of all sizes in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The Bank is part of the Federal Home Loan Bank System, which was established by Congress in 1932 and serves as a reliable source of funds for housing, jobs and growth in all economic cycles. To learn more, visit www.fhlb-pgh.com.


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