Women’s History Month: Steering Committee Member Highlight!

In honor of Women’s History Month, we will be celebrating by highlighting a member of the WHF-PA steering committee each week in March and throughout the year. We hope you get to know your steering committee members a little more and we look forward to working with you in different forums as WHF-PA members!

Name: Christine Paul

Title: Principal

Organization: Diamond and Associates

What’s your role within the affordable housing finance industry: Development Consultant

Homebase/Location (City): Philadelphia, PA

What’s your favorite way to network? I think I prefer one on one networking to big groups, but sometimes it is hard to see everyone so large group gatherings can be a fun way to see more people.

Who is your favorite female role model and why? Hmm. I have not really thought about that. I think Serena Williams is an amazing celebrity role model. She is strong, fierce and at the top of her game. She manages through all the BS she has to encounter as a Black woman, notwithstanding her incredible success.

Fun Fact about yourself: I still speak a little Wolof, mostly to myself. I can say I love you in English, Spanish, Wolof, Pulaar, Russian, and French!

One Comment on “Women’s History Month: Steering Committee Member Highlight!

  1. OMG! I can’t delete this mess of an email. Clearly, I am technologically challenged! And this is showing on the highlight of one of my favorite people! Chris is an amazing person, and I am in awe of her and here I am with this idiotic email. Chris! Please forgive me-you are amazing.


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