Women’s History Month: Steering Committee Member Highlight

In honor of Women’s History Month, we will be celebrating by highlighting a member of the WHF-PA steering committee each week in March and throughout the year. We hope you get to know your steering committee members a little more and we look forward to working with you in different forums as WHF-PA members!

Name: Jacquie J Sims

Title: President and Executive Director

Organization: The Maple Corporation

What’s your role within the affordable housing finance industry: Owner Representative, provider of technical skills for preservation/construction of affordable housing

Homebase/Location (City): Philadelphia

What’s your favorite way to network?: Have thoroughly enjoyed my membership of WHF-PA but find social settings personally challenging. Much prefer introductions and small groups.

Who is your favorite female role model and why? Fannie Lou Hamer because she never gave up. She fought for voting rights and even after she lost her job, it only emboldened her to keep going. It shows that never let an outside influence stop you from doing what you know is right.

Fun Fact about yourself: I try not to read while commuting-unless I am staying on the train until the last stop, because I constantly miss my stop since I lose myself in whatever I’m reading. When I was a kid, I once completely missed there was a fire in our home-didn’t even register when the fire trucks arrived. My brothers had to get me to have me leave the house.

4 Comments on “Women’s History Month: Steering Committee Member Highlight

  1. Ms. Sims is an amazing woman among a remarkable group of women. Her intellect and drive are only matched by her authenticity and great capacity to care. I should know.


  2. Ms. Sims is an amazing person i am truly blessed to have her in my life Ms. Sims is a true honest person. Ms. Sims really care about what she does she always smilling it is a pleasure to be around her.


  3. I appreciate the outstanding customer service provided by Ms. Sims. She is very friendly, pleasant, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping my organization achieve its goals. She has been attentive and helpful whenever called upon for questions or assistance. Because of her efforts, I have been able to move forward to the next phase of the project. What a great asset to your corporation.
    Skip Biddle


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