HDC is hiring! Partnership Accountant

Job Title: Partnership Accountant
Employer: HDC MidAtlantic 

Brief description: 

Partnership accountants perform all the general ledger accounting for approximately 8 to 10 different partnerships including reconciliations, invoice approval, reporting, financial statement preparation, funding requests, asset tracking and cash management.   

Link to where they can see the bigger posting: https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=33f858b8-3c41-480e-a1e6-b328430e1cdd&ccId=19000101_000001&jobId=412703&source=CC2&lang=en_US

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on August 26th to commemorate the adoption of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.  We celebrate women, past and present, who worked to bring change in women’s lives.  Today we see women as CEOs, elected officials, in the military, and winning Olympic medals. 

We must recognize the struggles and hurdles that were overcome to achieve equal voting rights for women.  And women’s fight for equal rights is far from over.  The gender pay gap is a reality.  Gender discrimination and workplace harassment are still prevalent in many workplaces.  But together, we can continue to make strides forward to achieve equality for all.

Things you can do to honor Women’s Equality Day:

  1. Encourage Girl Power

Seek women-owned businesses in your community that you can support.  Intentionally award contracts to women-owned businesses and seek women to speak at events or facilitate seminars.  Encourage more opportunities for women.  As manager or leader, think about uplifting the lives of women in the community.

Add your name to the WHF-PA Speaker Directory HERE!  Email us at whf.pa.2013@gmail.com

  1. Join a Women’s Group

Joining a women’s group like Women in Housing and Finance of Pennsylvania is an excellent way to broaden your network, bridge ages and professions to give access to a diverse range of voices and experiences.  

Are you a member of WHF-PA?  Join HERE NOW!

  1. Mentor Other Women

Mentoring provides a safe space for women to openly discuss their ambitions. Women do not engage in self-advocacy nearly as much as they advocate for others.  Mentors can also provide personal experience with promotions and career development in general, giving women insight on navigating the process successfully.

Are you interested in finding a mentor or being a mentor? Email us at  whf.pa.2013@gmail.com!

  1. Get Inspired!

 Reading some great feminist authors on Women’s Equality Day is a way to get inspired to continue the work to achieve equal rights for women

I raise up my voice, not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard… We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. ― Malala Yousafzai

New Job Posting

Director of Real Estate Development

Community Basics Inc.


The Director of Real Estate Development is based at the office of Community Basics, Inc., 941 Wheatland Avenue, Lancaster, PA. The Director of Real Estate Development will assist the Executive Director in identifying and implementing affordable housing projects through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program administered by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency from pre-development through construction and permanent financing conversion. The Director of Real Estate Development will assist the Executive Director in securing permanent and construction financing including applications for conventional financing, or through municipal, county, state, and federal housing programs.

Full Job Description HERE

New Job Posting!

Program Coordinator – Acquisition and Rehabilitation

Lancaster County Housing & Redevelopment Authorities

Job Summary: This position is responsible for coordinating the acquisition and rehabilitation of properties accepted into property acquisition programs. This position is also responsible for maintaining relationships with other agencies and organizations providing housing acquisition, rehabilitation, homebuyer, and other housing services funded by the Redevelopment Authority and Land Bank Authority.

For more detail, and to apply click HERE!

Senior Project Manager Position

Company: Stone Sherick Consulting Group & Sherick Project Management, Inc.

Job description attached.

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