Great night at Pecha Kucha Night Harrisburg with conversations on ‘Creating A Healthy City’

April 14, 2015 – Pecha Kucha Night Harrisburg kicked off the first official event of the series with the theme ‘Creating A Healthy City’. The event attracted 75 attendees to Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg. The presenters represented a variety of disciplines to share their work on making Harrisburg a healthy city. The night began with a networking reception at a new brewery, “Zeroday”.  Food was available from MADDASH Food Truck.  Special attention was given to use only local suppliers for both the food and beverages. The night opened with a presentation on ‘An Oversimplified Forecast for the Health & Sustainability of Pennsylvania Cities’. This presentation examined what makes a city economically and physically healthy. It was explained how healthy cities are aided by robust local economies and how a healthy economy improves the overall sustainability of cities throughout Pennsylvania. Other thought provoking presentations included ’20 Musings on Food, Movement and Building’; ‘Making the City better in Two Minutes’ to ‘One Step at a Time: Inspiring Girls to be Joyful, Healthy & Confident’ focusing on personal journeys for a bigger cause incorporating teamwork and a shared vision. The evening was a great success and enjoyed by all attendees.

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WHF-PA Membership Networking Success Story

Members Sue McPhedran and Leigh Jones from Sherick Project Management and Rada Lisitsa, Jennifer Crampton, and Crystal Trinh from Wells Fargo Community Lending and Investment recently closed two 4% LIHTC/volume cap bond transactions.  The developer, Federation Housing, Inc. raised over $62 million to preserve 449 affordable apartments for seniors in three buildings in Northeast Philadelphia.  Sherick Project Management was the consultant for the developer.  Wells Fargo was the equity investor and participated in the construction loan with CitiBank.  This is a great example of how relationships formed through WHF-PA led to the best possible results for members and their clients.

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Announcing: The official launch of the WHF-PA website!

Welcome toshutterstock_113186782 the new WHF-PA website.  

We are excited that you found us and that you’re interested in learning more about our organization.

We are a women’s professional networking group based in Pennsylvania and our members span all different sectors of real estate from banking, architecture, engineering, consulting, and government.

We hope you’ll join us at an upcoming event!


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