Diamond & Associates is Hiring an Assistant Project Manager

Employment Opportunity: Assistant Project Manager

Diamond & Associates (“D&A”) performs exciting, creative work in support of the revitalization of communities and the development and operation of affordable housing. We are in search of a new Project Manager.

Diamond and Associates

We are the financial and project management specialists who collaborate with community leaders and entrepreneurs to create and implement development strategies and financings of real estate development projects, typically affordable, multifamily communities. In the course of performing our work, we coordinate the work of architects, contractors, lawyers, market analysts, and all the professionals required to build affordable communities.

Over the course of our 30+ year history we have helped to complete over $1.5 billion in real estate development, comprised by over 11,000 apartments and homes, in and around Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, as well as other states where our clients seek affordable, multifamily, development opportunities. D&A supports a high volume and diverse array of projects including new construction, rehabilitation, the acquisition and improvement of existing affordable communities, historic rehabilitation, mixed-income communities, and communities which include preferences for people with special needs. Our clients include community-based and faith-based non-profits, as well as local, regional and national for-profit developers. D&A’s projects are located in urban, suburban and rural locations through-out the areas we serve.
Developers typically come to us for two key tasks, which the Assistant Project Manager may support:

• In collaboration with the client, create and manage pro forma which define the development and operating cost of a project, including the timing and cost of the work prior to closing, the flow of funds during construction including the draw of capital contributions, the timing of lease-up, and the final reporting to the tax-credit allocating agency.

• In collaboration with the client, lead and coordinate the continuous work from concept through lease-up of the team of professionals required to plan, finance, build, complete and manage the project. D&A practices a “win-win” model in managing client development teams.

D&A’s projects seek the full array of financing tools available to support the development of affordable housing, including but not limited to 9% and 4% Low Income Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, New Markets Tax Credits, Taxable and Tax-Exempt debt, soft debt such as HOME, CDBG and National Housing Trust Funds, and the Affordable Housing Program of the Federal Home Loan Bank. In order to obtain this financing, D&A staff work with various Housing Finance Agencies, local agencies, housing authorities, and various departments and offices of HUD.

Currently, D&A is comprised of 7 full-time people, including a CFO/Controller, and six (6) affordable multifamily housing professionals. Each of us carry a full array of projects. We typically work in teams of two on each project, one lead and one in support.

D&A encourages staff to find a balance between work and life, even though on occasion, more than 40-hours a week may be required to support a project’s success. Note that since mid-March 2020, we have been working remotely.

We are passionate about our work and the opportunity to have a role in creating affordable housing opportunities for low income and disabled people. We are supportive of each other and have fun in the course of this challenging work.

Job Description

At D&A, an Assistant Project Manager assists a Project Manager in performing affordable housing development advisory work in support of projects undertaken by our clients. The scope of work typically performed by an Assistant Project Manager includes

• Participation in all project development team meetings, drafting minutes and To Do Lists based upon those meetings, circulating them to each team member, managing team member distribution lists
• Drafting narrative sections of Low Income Housing Tax Credit, and other financing applications for review by a Project Manager.
• Performing research regarding land use and other local approvals, financing source guidelines, the demographic and other data context for each project, when that information is needed to make project decisions and craft project applications
• Assembling project financing applications and responses to questions
• Any additional work assigned by a Project Manager D&A senior staff encourage Assistant Project Managers to take on more responsibilities as their knowledge and skills grow. For example, Assistant Project Managers at D&A are currently managing the flow of funds among lenders and investors during the construction of projects and drafting and managing complex project pro forma.

Project Managers function as mentors to Assistant Project Managers in helping them with their professional growth both technically and as managers of diverse project teams.


D&A is seeking a bright, motivated Assistant Project Manager who can work on multiple projects Simultaneously. An eligible applicant should have at least 1 to 3 years’ work experience in affordable housing project development, excellent Microsoft Office skills, and excellent overall communication skills. The candidate should be technically strong, but also enjoy managing a wide range of skills and personalities required to accomplish a project. Applicants with a Masters in Urban Planning, an MBA, or other relevant graduate degree are preferred.

D&A reserves the right to revise or change job duties and responsibilities as needed. This job description is not meant to be an all-inclusive statement of the duties and responsibilities of the job nor does it constitute a written or implied contract.


Salary is negotiable, and a function of experience and skills. A full array of health, 401K, disability, and other benefits is available.

Thank you for your interest in Diamond & Associates. We look forward to hearing from you.
If interested in applying, please send your resume, a cover letter and a writing sample to

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